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How to Make Your Day!

How can Daddy Beaumont not have a good day after finding this on the office white board..?

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Purchase directly from the château

Welcoming the start of the summer season, the château doors are now open!  To purchase directly from the château just make your way to 'la salle de dégustion' for a...

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Private Wine Tasting

Contact Sarah for details - Contact

Saumur Rouge 2018 - micro-cuvée image

Saumur Rouge 2018 - micro-cuvée

Gérald is launching a micro-cuvée of Saumur Rouge, Le Puy Notre-Dame 2018, a total of 500 bottles. This cuvée will have no sulphate added… not during harvest… not...

NEW LOOK - La Maison du Vigneron image

NEW LOOK - La Maison du Vigneron

La Maison du Vigneron has a 'new look' for 2019!  A lovely new terrace, independent reversible air-conditioning units both upstairs and down... for more photographs of this delightful...

Certificate of Excellence 2019 - TripAdvisor image

Certificate of Excellence 2019 - TripAdvisor

A BIG heartfelt thank you to you ALL, as it is YOU who have taken the time to contribute towards this... I'm thrilled to let you know I have just received a congratulatory email from TripAdvisor...

Château des Noyers - bottling image

Château des Noyers - bottling

This week 2 new wines, vintage 2018, were bottled at Château des Noyers...  Anjou Rouge & Anjou Blanc 'Le Clos des Noyers'... now resting for 2 weeks min. before labelling.

Sunday Flea Markets image

Sunday Flea Markets

On the look-out for a trésor, nothing beats a slow potter around one of the Sunday brocantes,  flea markets:   1st Sunday: Montreuil-Bellay 2nd Sunday: Montsoreau + fresh food and...

Google reviews - Chateau de Beauregard image

Google reviews - Chateau de Beauregard

Thank you for your facebook follows and for your generous Google reviews for Château de Beauregard, 49260.  A superb matinée was had by us all and we look forward to introducing you...

Les Marches de Marion, Saumur rouge 2018 image

Les Marches de Marion, Saumur rouge 2018

Having posted about the bottling on 02 May, I can now introduce you to Château de Beauregard 'Les Marches de Marion' Saumur rouge 2018 - 100% cabernet franc, young, short maceration...

Auberge Montrivet, Denee 49190 image

Auberge Montrivet, Denee 49190

A bijou!!  If you want to experience 'old France', a visit to Auberge Montrivet is a must.   Set deep in the Anjou vines, a hamlet of two homes with the fabulous sense you are...

'Les Marches de Marion', Saumur Rouge image

'Les Marches de Marion', Saumur Rouge

Earlier this week at Château de Beauregard it was the bottling of the Saumur Rouge 2018 'Les Marches de Marion' - 100% cabernet franc, this wine is young, fruity and the perfect...

Château de Beauregard, 49260 image

Château de Beauregard, 49260

Avid followers of Géralds wines for nearly 10 years!  Hearing of his latest venture in the Anjou, it was a special moment welcoming Agata & Max to Château de Beauregard for a...

Cave du Château, 85180 Château d'Olonne image

Cave du Château, 85180 Château d'Olonne

After a successful Salon des Vins de Loire in Angers and meeting new clients, deliveries got underway on Sunday to Cave du Château in Château d'Olonne.

23rd Grand Prix Retro: 20-21 July 2019 image

23rd Grand Prix Retro: 20-21 July 2019

This weekend is definitely for retro, vintage car and motorbike enthusiasts!  Held in Le Puy Notre-Dame the 3rd weekend in July, more than 160 pre-war vehicles; Bugatti, Fiat, Amilcar...

Weekly fresh food markets image

Weekly fresh food markets

French fresh food markets are rather special.  Colourful, full of delicious and different perfumes, stand after stand of beautifully displayed seasonal fare and artisanal goodies, it's hard...

La Maison Clet, Louviers 27400 image

La Maison Clet, Louviers 27400

Superb wine tasting held over the weekend!  Hosted by La Maison Clet in Louviers 27400, Gérald launched the 3 IGP's, Saumur blanc 2018 'Les Amandiers', Clos de Beauregard...

Savonnerie Martin de Candre image

Savonnerie Martin de Candre

Highly recommended... a visit to this beautiful artisanal soap shop is quiet simply sensory heaven.  You'll find something for everyone making it perfect for keepsakes and gifts.  Easy...

Something fun for Summer! image

Something fun for Summer!

Don't start this summer off without one of these fun three...! Grolleau Rouge - a superb light and fruity red if you enjoy rosé, you are going to love Grolleau 'Just Pink...

'Les Amandiers', Saumur blanc 2018 image

'Les Amandiers', Saumur blanc 2018

Introducing Château de Beauregard 'Les Amandiers' 2018, Géralds first production of Saumur blanc - a lovely dry and crispy, 100% chenin blanc.

That time of year again! image

That time of year again!

Keeping it natural and time to put the goodies back in the soil... a healthy 2.5 tons per hectare of scrummy organic calf-poop compost has been scattered in the vines... oops, happy neighbours for a...

Anjou Vélo Vintage 2019 image

Anjou Vélo Vintage 2019

Anjou Vélo Vintage - 5,6 and 7 July 2019 One of our favourite summer events... for those participating the bike rides vary between 30km & 120 km setting off on different days, vintage...

The Award Winners image

The Award Winners

Château de Beauregard, Clos de Beauregard 2017 Château des Noyers, Anjou Blanc

Blending of the sparkly 2018 wines image

Blending of the sparkly 2018 wines

Why do certain wines taste as they do?  Well, it’s all down to their blend and here’s a sneaky peek of the recent blend undertaken at Château de Beauregard for the...

Saumur, Maine-et-Loire image

Saumur, Maine-et-Loire

Twined with Warwick in the UK, Saumur is home to the Cadre Noir, the National Equestrian School of the elite French Cavalry whose remarkable horsemanship can be seen at shows between April and...



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